DevCom Calendar

Please find below an overview of the events OECD DevCom Network’s events in 2022, alongside key international dates.

Please note that our events are by invitation only. If you would like more information about DevCom, or would like to collaborate on one of our events, then please contact

DevCom Zooms In
Informal Meet-Ups
Global Events | Campaigns
JAN 14: Overview of DevCom activities in 2022
28: Key global campaigns in 2022
24: International Day of Education (info)
FEB8: DevCom Zooms In.
Coordinating with Country Offices for better communications.
Trends & tips from DevCom members
11: Partnering with traditional media to raise awareness about development co-operation
25: Comms for Gender Equality: Campaigns for International Women’s Day
13: World Radio Day (info)
17-18: European Union – African Union summit (info)
TBC:  OECD DAC Peer Review of Spain (info
MAR 24: Special Focus Group. Promoting Solutions Communications in and on Africa
Led by Africa No Filter & Africa Communications Week
10: Conflict & Geopolitics8: International Women’s Day (info)
21: Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (info)
22: World Water Day (info)
TBC: SDG Action Festival (info)
TBC: OECD DAC Peer Review of Portugal (info
TBC: OECD Report on ODA to Governance 2010 – 2019 
APR12: DevCom Zooms In.
How’s Life in Latin America?
Public attitudes & open government communications
8: Preparing the launch of OECD aid data
29: Meeting a DevCom Member: Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade
7: World Health Day
12: Annual launch of OECD DAC aid data (info)
25+: COP-15 on Biodiversity (info)
27-29:  International Anti-Corruption Conference
MAY23: Special Event.
Africa’s Agency & the Green Transition
Joint webinar with Africa Communications Week
 3: Press Freedom Day (info)
17: Telecommunication & Information Society Day (info)
21: Cultural Diversity Day (info)
22: Biodiversity Day (info)
23-27: Africa Comms Week (info)
TBC: OECD DAC Guidance on Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and Girls (info
Meeting of Nordic-Baltic Development Communications

21: DevCom Meet-Up in Brussels at the European Development Days

16: Results reporting 2022: trends in annual reports & platforms  
5: World Environment Day (info)
8: World Oceans Day  
20: World Refugee Day (info)
21-22: European Development Days (info
26-28: G7 Summit (info  
UN Ocean Conference to be hosted by Portugal (Lisbon) (info
DCR Profiles 2022 (info)
JUL12: DevCom Zooms In. Fighting digital mis- and disinformation What role for development co-operation and communication?  11: World Population Day
TBC: High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (info)
AUG  9: Int. Day of Indigenous Peoples (info)
12: International Youth Day (info)
19: World Humanitarian Day (info)
SEP16: DevCom Zooms In. South-South Co-operation.
New Ideas for Development Communications (TBC)
13: Campaign Launch: States of Fragility Report12-14: Global south-south development expo (info
13-27: UN General Assembly
15: Int. Day of Democracy (info)
21: International Day of Peace (info)
25: SDG Action Day
26-28: G20 Development Ministers Meeting (info
28: Int. Day for Universal Access to Information (info)
TBC: OECD Report on Triangular Co-operation 
TBC: Global Outlook on Financing for Sustainable Development 2023 (info
TBC: 2022 Report on States of Fragility 
TBC: OECD Report: Development Cooperation in Politically Constrained Environments (lessons from Afghanistan) 
OCT6-7: Annual Meeting.
Managing Global Development Communications
21: Communicating on human rights14-16: WB Annual Meetings (info
17: Int. Poverty Eradication Day (info)
24: UN Day (info)
24: World Development Information Day (info)
TBC: Global Media & Information Literacy Week (info)
TBC: G20 Leaders’ Summit (info)
TBC: OECD DAC Peer Review of Poland (info
NOV  18: Outsourcing communications: good practices for development co-operation ministries & agencies7-18: COP-27
16: Int. Day for Tolerance (info)
25: Int. Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (Info)
TBC: OECD DAC Peer Review of Hungary (info
DEC6: DevCom Zooms In. Partnering with the Media & Promoting Independent Journalism.2: Preparing the 2023-2024 DevCom Work Programme
16: Engaging Citizens for the SDGs: Lessons from Italy
10: Human Rights Day (info)
18: International Migrants Day (info)
20: Int. Human Solidarity Day (info)
TBC: OECD DAC Peer Review of US (info
TBC: 2022 Development Co-operation Report (info
TBCSpecial Event:
Green Development Finance. Public banks, narratives & communications challenges

DevCom Zooms In. Communicating in and on the Asia-Pacific Region.
Insights for Development Communicators in a new Global Context