vision_and_strategySDG communicators have a mandate to raise awareness and inspire people for sustainable development. This means that governments need to get strategic about public engagement!

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Lesson 1: Prioritise public support in SDG strategies, policies and budgets
Governments need to recognise that engaging citizens is important. Their SDG strategies, policies and budgets need to include provisions on public engagement, consultations and communications.

Lesson 2: Set goals for public awareness and monitor progress
Governments have promised to raise public awareness for sustainable development and global citizenship in SDG targets 4.7, 12.8 and 13.3. Specific goals can help inspire, organise and monitor global efforts to engage citizens.

Lesson 3: Integrate the SDGs into communications strategies and narratives
This Hub shows that many governments are communicating about the SDGs. Their narratives should convey both the actual goals and the concepts behind them, particularly their universality (i.e. their relevance for all countries, groups and people).

Lesson 4: Bring the SDGs into development education and schools
Children and students may be the most important constituency for SDG communicators. Together with education ministries, they need to get SDG messages into classrooms.

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