communication-bubblesIf achieving the SDGs requires all hands on deck, then SDG communicators need to rethink their relationships. They need to get to know their audiences, be open to genuine dialogue with citizens, and find partners in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

Tags: Policy consultations, Partnerships .

Lesson 5: Listen to and understand your audiences
Good listeners make great SDG communicators. To prioritise among audiences and craft targeted messages, comms teams need to make better use of international and national surveys, focus groups, policy consultations and social media analytics.

Lesson 6: Communicate jointly with other government departments
The SDGs require action across the policy spectrum, at home and abroad. SDG communicators will achieve greater impact with narratives and messages that are coherent and coordinated across government departments.

  • Find out which government institutions are co-ordinating the SDGs and could help harmonise SDG communications.
  • Read guidance on how national and local governments can work together to build SDG awareness.

Lesson 7: Partner with non-state actors to broaden your reach
Businesses and civil society organisations are innovative communicators with powerful reach. SDG communicators need to reach out and work with them to mobilise crucial audiences like investors, consumers, influencers and activists.

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