9-2-tool-png-hdSDG communicators need the right tools and resources. They need new approaches and
skills to master digital communications, more compelling ways to demonstrate results, and sufficient human and financial capacity to make public engagement a priority.

Tags: Results reporting, Portals & pages, Infographics, Data visualization, Games & apps, Comms guidance, Videos .

Lesson 8: Embrace the digital era
New technologies have transformed the way people consume and share information. To reach people, SDG communicators need to overcome fake news, grasp algorithms and be open to more inclusive online dialogue involving colleagues and citizens.

Lesson 9: Innovate in presenting results and performance data
Citizens in many countries are losing trust in both public institutions and international cooperation. To build public trust and support, SDG communicators need to improve transparency and demonstrate results.

  • Find out where donor countries stand on aid transparency.
  • See how business are reporting on SDG performance.
  • Read DevCom’s advice on communicating about results (Box 5.2., page 104).
  • See where countries stand on SDG targets to improve accountability (16.6) and access to information (16.10).

Lesson 10: Mobilise resources for public engagement
To achieve the SDGs, we need informed and engaged citizens. SDG communicators need institutional support, human and financial resources, and training and guidance.

  • Join the DevCom community to share lessons and find collaborators for your SDG communications.
  • Find out how the UN can support your SDG campaigns.

The lessons above were gathered by the OECD Development Communication Network (DevCom), which has focused many of its recent events and publications on SDG communications.