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Promoting Global Citizen Education in Korea

Korea’s International Development Agency (KOICA) is investing in global citizenship education. A new brochure introduces the work of its ODA Education Center, which delivers education and training programmes and runs an exhibition space – the Global Village.

Korea’s International Development Agency (KOICA) is investing in global citizenship education (GCED).

KOICA’s ODA Education Center was established in 2010 to promote awareness and understanding of international development cooperation. The Center’s education programmes target students at all educational levels, and include both offline and online teacher training courses. For elementary and secondary schools, highlights include visits to student clubs and essay contests, while university students are also invited to compete in a dissertation competition.

KOICA has also created a Global Village, an exhibition space designed to help visitors experience the culture of Korea’s partner countries. One exhibition in 2017 – Arco Iris (“Rainbow”) – focuses on Guatemala, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador.


As of 2015, the Global Village had attracted almost 40,000 visitors, while GCED programmes in Korea had reached 11,495 school students. For a full overview of activities, check out this brochure.

According to UNESCO, the aim of global citizenship education (GCED) is to develop the “knowledge, skills, values and attitudes learners need for securing a world which is more just, peaceful, tolerant, inclusive, secure and sustainable.” GCED is enshrined in SDG target 4.7.

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  1. Annastazia Anthony

    This is very interesting, for sure as youth generation we have to nourish our thinking capacity, skills, attitudes towards developing our community through implementing this SDGs 🙏

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