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Raising SDG Awareness for Gender Equality in Nigeria

For Nigeria, raising awareness of the SDGs is a priority. Its Voluntary National Review highlights country-wide communications efforts and makes strong commitments to raise awareness for gender equality.

For the Government of Nigeria, raising SDG awareness will be a key success factor in achieving the goals. When it consulted with stakeholders on the National Voluntary Review on the Implementation of the SDGs (2017), one of the first questions it asked was:

“How has the government facilitated awareness on SDGs and advocated for good level of awareness and national ownership?”

DAfz_a4WAAAbKDjYou can find an overview of general SDG awareness-raising activities on page 11 of Nigeria’s Voluntary Review  (they include workshops, policy briefs and media briefings). The Review concludes that awareness and ownership have grown country-wide, including among 774 local government authorities and over 9,000 community structures (page 67).


The Voluntary Review includes particular commitments to awareness-raising programmes for SDG 5 on gender equality (pages 38-39). One example is the HeForShe programme. Launched in May 2017 with the support of UN Women, the programme encourages men and boys to act as ambassadors, drawing attention to serious challenges like early marriage and work-based gender discrimination.

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