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Danish “World’s Best News”, a platform to follow the progress on SDGs.

Many people are pessimistic about poverty reduction and the possibility of achieving the SDGs. World’s Best News seeks to inject hope and optimism by showing people that, around the world, many positive results are being achieved.

An independent media outlet founded in Denmark in 2010, World’s Best News (WBN) has an important aim: to bring forward the good news on progress and solutions that is often drowned out by negative stories.

International polls suggest that many people are pessimistic about achieving the SDGs and, in particular, eradicating global poverty. WBN Director Thomas Ravn-Pedersen says that “the world needs a new story”.

WBN projects have extended well beyond Denmark and good news was spread as part of the 2015/2016 European Year for Development.

In 2014, WBN published a leaflet with advice on How to Create the World’s Best News. WBN also promotes effective development communications through events, including a conference in 2015 and an event at UN Headquarters in 2016.

WBN “How to create the World’s Best News

WBN receives support from DANIDA and was highlighted as a flagship initiative in Denmark’s voluntary review on SDG implementation, delivered at the UN High Level Political Forum in July 2017 (page 45). WBN was also praised in the 2016 OECD DAC Peer Review of Danish development cooperation (page 79).

WBN has become a partner at the annual Roskilde Music Festival.

Follow the WBN on twitter for more good news.

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