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Tune into the SDGs on Indian public radio

Every Wednesday, you can tune into All India Radio for a 15-minute programme on the Sustainable Development Goals. The programme, produced by OneWorld Foundation India in collaboration with the National Foundation for India, is broadcast in Hindi. There have been 30 episodes to date.

One World, One Voice (Ek Duniya Ek Awaak) is a radio programme that informs Indian citizens about the Sustainable Development Goals. The programme, broadcast in Hindi and also available as a podcast, discusses India’s efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda. It is broadcast for 15 minutes on All India Radio (AIR) FM, the national public radio service, every Wednesday afternoon.

The initiative enjoys the support of OneWorld Foundation India and the National Foundation for India, an independent grant-making foundation. The organisations work together to produce and broadcast the content.

All the editions of the programme can be found online, on UN India’s Soundcloud page. There are approximately 30 episodes to date, each dedicated to a specific SDG or issue related to the 2030 Agenda.

OneWorld has also developed EDAA, an audio content exchange platform that promotes the sharing of audio programmes between community radio stations all over South Asia. At the moment, the website hosts about 200 stations, which have shared more than 15,000 audio programmes. This initiative is supported by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

In its 2017 Voluntary National Review on the implementation of the SDGs, the Government of India highlights the role of civil society organisations in preparing information, education and communication materials on SDGs, and conducting capacity building workshops and awareness campaigns (see page 4).

According to the 2017 Globescan Radar , 4 in 10 Indian citizens have heard of the Sustainable Development Goals. About 1 in 6 Indians claim to know the SDGs “a lot”.

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