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Many ways to engage: online platforms in Brazil

In Brazil, citizens have many options to engage online, stay informed and share their views on sustainable development. In 2017, the Government presented six digital platforms in its SDG report to the UN.

In Brazil, citizens have many new options to engage with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) online. The country’s 2017 Voluntary National Review to the UN highlights 6 different platforms that “support the planning and the dissemination of the SDGs in the localization process” (page 22). Run by public and private actors, these sites allow people to access information and participate in policy debates related to the SDGs.

Dialoga, which is run by the federal government, allows citizens to express their opinions and share proposals in policy areas like education, health and security. Another federal government site, the Participa Portal, is structured as a platform for citizens to discuss and form coalitions related to specific public policies.

Mapa OSC is an interactive map to help citizens locate 400,000 civil society organizations (CSOs) across Brazil. Alongside details on the work of each CSO, the site includes data on how many organisations operate in each region and on the type of work that they do. Citizens also have access to information about laws and regulations that govern the work of CSOs.


The Atlas da Vulnerabilidad Social  uses the Social Vulnerability Index (IVS) to map the degree of exclusion and social vulnerability the country. The Index covers indicators on the state of infrastructure, human capital and the labour market, and income levels across the country.

Two platforms focus specifically on the SDGs. The SDG Strategy site promotes dialogue among civil society, the private sector, local governments and academic institutions. The 2030 Agenda Platform is a landing site for everything related to the SDGs, including general information and publications about the goals and targets; data and graphs on specific indicators; and information on SDG-related events.

According to the 2017 Globescan Radar, 38% of Brazilians know about the SDGs. The Varkey Foundation’s 2017 Global Citizenship Survey shows that 86% of Brazil’s 15-21 year-olds consider that it is important or very important to make a wider contribution to society.

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