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A New Toolkit Offers Advice for Sustainable Development Communicators

OECD DevCom aims to help communicators address their biggest challenges in 10 Learning Areas.

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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us that, no matter where in the world we live, our goals, challenges and fortunes are linked. International development co-operation is more important than ever, and leaders from all continents have pledged billions to address the many global impacts of the crisis.

Yet, many citizens don’t trust their institutions, which can hamper recovery efforts. And too many citizens still don’t see the value of global solidarity. We need powerful stories to tell about development work. We need to build public support and mobilise citizens into action for the SDGs. And, to achieve all of this, we need better communications and campaigns.

That’s why the OECD Development Communication Network (DevCom) is creating a Toolkit for Sustainable Development Communicators, bringing together great advice and inspiring examples from its members and partners.

OECD DevCom Toolkit for Sustainable Development Communicators

The Toolkit focuses on 10 Learning Areas, helping development organisations address three big communications challenges:

  1. Setting strategic communications priorities.
  2. Adopting good campaigning practices.
  3. Creating the right conditions to support public engagement.


We are delighted to report that the first three Learning Areas are now live on our Toolkit page! All three relate to the first challenge of setting strategic priorities for communications.


Communications today is no longer just about increasing visibility for your institution. It is about helping your organization achieve its core objectives. What should we aim to achieve through our communications efforts?


Our development goals, approaches and partners have changed. Yet, we still fall into old stories about aid and charity, and heroes and victims. What should we tell citizens about development and international co-operation?


To achieve the SDGs, we need to reach out to “mobilisers”. To build trust in our work, we need to communicate with diverse “watchdogs”. Which stakeholders and audiences do we need to engage?

Visit our Toolkit page, which we will be updating regularly throughout 2020.

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